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My Story, by Jill Marshall

A story lover from the get-go, my hero's journey through creative comms has seen me scale the foothills of corporate HR and L&D management and traverse the turbulent river of creative writing as a successful author of fiction. I've battled the dragons of self-doubt and ignominy, and brought back all the gifts I've learned along the way to share with the village, where we'll grow together towards a harmonious future. 


And in more commsy terms? I'm a transmedia storyteller with a firm footing in development and business environments, bllending an unusual combination of strategic, creative and corporate skills to help others

- especially 'for-purpose' organisations - to tell their stories for greater impact and a better world. 

From press release to pithy script, I have vast experience in all types of content creation/dissemination and storytelling across many media channels. I can re-think your communications strategy, your website, or your outreach to key stakeholders, And I have the contacts (design, tech, PR) to make it happen.


I'm also very familiar with the the balance of challenge and joy of NGOs, not-for-profits or for-purpose organisations who are doing some good in the world, I'm comfortable operating at a global level, working with world leaders like Helen Clark, Jacinda Ardern and auditors-general. At a national and local level, I make the complex understandable for citizens, CSOs ... all and any people who need to know what will work for them.


In particular, I have considerable knowledge and experience of working with Supreme Audit Institutions - the auditing bodies who check what your government is spending - all over the world, both directly and via the organisations that support them at a regional and global level. I'm personally committed to doing whatever I can to make sure the world knows about and upholds the presence of these vital organisations. 

Global to grass roots.

Growing change for good.

Getting things done.


Working With the Best

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UK: Suite 106296, PO Box 4336, Manchester, M61 0BW

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